Exploring Drama

Specific hours may be subject to change!

5th-8th Grade on Wednesdays from 2:30-3:30pm.  Runs from September 5th through December 5th of 2018, and from January 16th through April 24th of 2019 (minus two weeks off during Spring Break).  $125 per student, per semester.

drama actorsThis isn’t a course as much as it is an enrichment activity!  Minimum amount of students required to hold this class is 8.  No maximum!

We will be practicing different ways to move our bodies and our minds on a given set of space, for example:

  • Using Improvisation
  • PantomimeDrama Tickets
  • Acting Without Props
  • Greek Drama
  • Monologues
  • Public Speaking and Presentation
  • Playwriting
  • Staging, Directing, and Lighting

With a performance near the end of each semester.

Even if the student is incredibly stage shy, this is an excellent opportunity to develop good stage skills as well as explore the back-stage aspects of performances.  Every performance will be entirely student led, cast, and directed to reflect each child’s hard work whether they are on or off the stage.

Drama Stage

Expect to help a little with props and costumes, but nothing out of the ordinary items that are available at home!

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