Exploring The Middle Ages (7th-8th Grade)

Coming in 2019-2020

This is just a summary of what I hope to cover each quarter, subject to change based on the abilities of specific students in the class and the pacing of the subject lessons as they are happening.

CeltsSpecific hours may be subject to change! Mondays and Wednesdays.  Off during holidays that fall on a Monday.

7th grade – 12:00pm-1:15pm

8th grade – 1:15pm – 2:30pm

Every student will be assigned recommended reading and research to complete at home and share in class.  But do not panic!  Upon confirmation of your child’s enrollment, you will receive an email not only confirming your child’s seat in the class that quarter but also be given a list of books your child can read for the quarter (pick one!), a list of projects to complete (one quarterly) and due date. All of which can be done with supplies at home (minimal expense to parents), internet access or a good encyclopedia, and a possible trip to the library.

Research PersiaThe purpose of these classes is specifically to teach these young teens (that will be in high school before you know it!) how to do proper research and validate their sources.  Google and Wikipedia are not acceptable options. 

Reading recommendations will be historical fiction from that civilization to spark the imagination of what they are learning.  When it comes to projects, the student will be given a choice of researching a scientist or explorer, inventions, or Bible/Church history (any combination of whatever has captivated the student’s attention in class) and may include things like build a simple machine, design your own viking ship, or draw a constellation named after a Roman god/goddess.  Nothing they can’t do in 30 minutes for the week, and entirely independently.

Research EgyptSupplies for class are always a duo-tang folder, composition notebook, paper and a pencil or two.  Students will be building their own “textbook” during class as well as completing some learning experiments that they can journal on.

I look forward to Exploring The Middle Ages with you!

Registration will be posted *here* when it is available.