Exploring Eastern Hemisphere – 5th Grade

Coming soon for 2019-2020 School Year

This is just a summary of what I hope to cover each quarter, subject to change based on the abilities of specific students in the class and the pacing of the subject lessons as they are happening.

Eastern Hemisphere 2Specific hours may be subject to change! Mondays and Wednesdays.  Off during holidays that fall on a Monday.

5th grade – 1:15pm-2:30pm

Every student will be assigned recommended reading and a project to complete at home and share at the end of class.  But do not panic!  Upon confirmation of your child’s enrollment, you will receive an email not only confirming your child’s seat in the class that quarter but also be given a list of books your child can read (pick one!), a list of projects to complete (also pick one!) and due date. All of which can be done with supplies at home (minimal expense to parents) and a possible trip to the library for the book(s) of their choice.

eastern hemisphere 1As we take a Unit Study approach to the Eastern Hemisphere, we will be experiencing the history, arts, music, and geography of each civilization.  This is where the homework of a book and a project comes in as crucial; it will give the child a more rounded context of what we are doing.  Instead of only learning facts and a place on a map, they can also read historical fiction from that era to engage their imaginations and do project that will engage yet another one of their senses in learning (examples could be cooking a recipe from that time, making your own dance with the music from that civilization, or creating your own stone tablet). 

Supplies are always a duo-tang folder (with clips) exclusively for this subject, a two-pocket folder for homework and papers sent home, notebook paper, a composition notebook (can be the same one as required for Language Arts) coloring pencils, paper, and a pencil or two.  Students will be building their own textbook during class as well as completing some learning experiments that they can journal on.  An encyclopedia at home, either print or online, would be helpful!

I look forward to Exploring The Eastern Hemisphere with you!

Registration is open for the 2019-2020 school year.