About Paul Hass

My wife and I near Homer, AK

I am this year’s middle school science teacher, which I’m very excited about because it is (along with math) my favorite subject.

I am prior military, having served the United States Air Force in ground radio communications and air traffic control. I have also previously worked at a private school teaching Geometry. I am currently (since 2011) a nationally certified medical assistant who has been working for Providence Family Medical Center, and I’m teaching medical assisting at Alaska Career College.

My boys…

My wife and I have been homeschooling our three children since 2013 with a growing passion for it every passing year. I have decided that I would like to change career paths slightly and focus more on teaching. Homeschooling is not “something my wife does”, it’s both of our responsibilities as active parents.

I love learning with hands on activities that naturally pull you in to want to know more, ask questions, and explore details. My goal is to build a learning environment that creates a drive to learn, where children can explore the world around them, and bring to life the wonderful ideas they have stored in their curious minds.

My baby girl!

I welcome any questions you may have as this helps us learn about each other better! You can email me at akexploringscience@hotmail.com.