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Happy 2018!

Happy New Year!

I have given up on the hope that I’ll sit by a computer three times a week, editing pinable photos and creating blog content to share… its time consuming. And while I enjoy it, 2017 showed me that I have a lot of hands-on to do with my kids this season of my life.

The kids are learning – REALLY learning – and it takes me a while to do everything. It takes me a full school day, but it isn’t a pushed schedule. It’s the projects, the questions, the read alouds… next thing you know it’s 4pm and I’m done.

My goals for 2017 changes a bit too. I finally feel on top of my health, and while I’m not 100% healed I can assume control and work on it. So it came back to the top of my priorities; to eat better, exercise and sleep well.

It’s not a “number on the scale” thing. It’s a life or death thing. Seeing my mom get diagnosed with breast cancer brought a new awareness in my life. The goal is longevity. It’s changing not only how I eat and whether I exercise but also the deodorant I use or the things I clean my house with. We are working our way towards mostly plant-based, completely toxin free living. To that end, I’m an H2O at Home Advisor, and I can’t overstate how much that has dramatically turned our lives around. But that’s for another blog post.

Conclusively, for the sake of my mental health I have made some changes too. We are no longer pursuing home ownership (I needed a break from that stress) and are happily renting a cute little apartment that has been a God-sent for our family. I’m trying not to add stressors to my life when I already have my handful of things going on: I’m still watching my mom fight breast cancer from afar, helping my husband go back to school this year, and still trying to improve my physical and mental health. I’m maxed out on projects or things to think about.

So where does that leave this blog? In a very primitive place, back in its origin. Writing for pleasure. For venting, for mental health purposes. Writing good news and writing to be encouraging. For an audience of 1 or 100.

What are you looking forward in 2018? Share below 👇🏼


I am a Christian homeschooling mom of three kids, a happy dog owner, a happily married wife, and a faith/family/fitness blogger... Who now teaches classes for homeschooled kids with

8 thoughts on “Happy 2018!

  1. Happy New Year, Maria! I will keep your mom and your family in my prayers. I think in 2018 we will see a lot more bloggers going back to a personal space. I know I am. I am just going to write and see what pours out of my mind. Like you, I am more focused on my health (physical, mental, emotional) than on blogging. I actually quit for most of 2017 and just now getting back into it – but for me… Even if no one reads it, lol. Anyway, in 2018 I am looking forward to traveling in our newer camper and chasing as many waterfalls as we can find 🙂

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    1. I think we will see a lot of that too. Thank you for keeping my mom in your prayers! Please share pics of all your waterfalls on Instagram! Prayerfully I’ll have some adventures too.

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  2. There is lots of wisdom here – focusing on what He has given you to do in this season, and not trying to do everything.

    I am looking forward to seeing what God will bring out of the seeds he has planted in 2017 – publishing our books, finishing our cabin, living in what He has for me in this moment.

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  3. Happy new year to you and yours I too have put blogging on the back burner . Life crept on me still trying to stay afloat.. thanks to your blog I too will be writing to vent or to keep a journal of my life so I can read it later on and say I survived by the grace of god blessings to you your family

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