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When Refuge Feels Like Disaster

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Confession: While I believe in all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, I’m not one to proclaim that I am prophetic, nor do I dwell a lot on the supernatural realm around us.  I’m very much a here and now kind of believer with a healthy fear for what the Spirit is doing.

It’s no secret that I’m under a lot of stress.  My mom is starting chemo and I’m heading to see her with my kids, flying across four time zones with two ADHD boys and a girl and my medications for RA.

I say all this because *usually* seasons of stress cause me to have random, vivid dreams.  I seldom remember details – I just wake up with uneasy feelings that I digest with a cup of coffee as I listen to my Bible app.

Which is why, when I have one of those dreams that I not only remember three days later, but that I also hear confirmation, I stop and take notice.  When I woke up from this particular dream, I felt almost instantly a call to share it.  That’s not something I do without giving it a few days first.

refugeI was in a forest of sorts, and there were people living there like persecuted refugees.  I saw people with really dark skin and assumed they were the refugees, but I also saw Caucasian people alongside them.  When I spoke to some of them, a few white men shared that they had been cast out from their communities as a result of standing up for the black people.  While we were all in the jungle trying to get away from the city, I felt like this had taken the world by a storm – overwhelmed in the night, like it’s a global disaster.  I also noticed a feline creature, kind of unrecognizable but as big as a tiger, stalking the perimeter of this refugee camp.

I was so overwhelmed by fear that I looked straight up into a starless sky and said, “Oh Jesus come soon!”  And was dumbstruck by how star-less the sky actually looked.  That’s when I was approached by a white, elderly gentleman, in a suit, very pastor-like.  He tells me, in a very calm and matter of fact manner that “a third of the stars fell with the enemy down to earth.

I ask him, “What’s happening here?  What’s with all these people?!”

He responds with a voice that almost brings the catastrophe around me to a low hum:

black and white“These are the people who have chosen to stand for God’s Word.  Don’t be confused; this is not a catastrophe due to racism or political issues.  These are the people who are standing on the word of God, who have chosen to see it as black and white, so to speak.  This is the bride, facing the consequences of their actions in a fallen world, where the devil prowls around looking for someone to devour..”

I responded with, “Oh Jesus, help us to be ready for You!  We need to prepare!”  And he put a hand on my shoulder to calm me down and said, “Maria, they are ready.  They are precisely where God wants them to be in this hour.  Your mistake is the assumption that the Bride gets it all together and then Jesus returns.  But it is God Himself who makes her holy and blameless for His coming, that’s not something you accomplish out of your own merit.  None of this is a surprise to Him who brought all these people here together, and this is exactly what He has provided for their refuge.  These circumstances out in the world are merely a winnowing fork.  Their hope in God’s Word brought them where God wants them.”

worshipI took the scene in one more time and said, “This is the refuge that God has provided for them.  This is for their good.”  And he said, “Yes! And now is when you will be able to see God’s glory.  This is the place where God provides miraculously and shows His power to save.  Even now don’t you feel it?  Haven’t you experienced God anticipating your every need?  Taking care of leveling your path before your foot hits the floor?”

And as I realized that He has, I woke up.

I believe this is an overall message of encouragement to everyone.  And that it will speak to those who are ready to hear it without any further interpretation.


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20 thoughts on “When Refuge Feels Like Disaster

  1. Oh yes, my friend. I would describe myself much as you did, and yet at times I can recognize true prophecy. This feels very authentic to me.

    I find it very comforting. We are being trained to listen and recognize His voice, and to follow. He is making all the preparation.

    Thank you for sharing.

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  2. What an interesting dream! I’ve had similar dreams where I have been longing for Christ’s return because of various stressful circumstances in the dream. God will definitely refine His bride!

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  3. Amen, how powerful and beautiful! What a dream and encouraging word. That gave me chills and I am so grateful that God has brought this post to me today! Thank you for sharing with us!

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  4. Thanks for sharing your dream Maria. Praying for your trip and your mother. That was a deep revelation that the Lord showed you. We do all need to get a glimpse at God’s glory working in our lives. I love the part that reminds us we don’t have to have it all figured out – and be perfect – first. Blessings!

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  5. What an interesting dream! It is a fact that the people of God assemble together – this is part of true Christianity! Love the unity described here.

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    1. That did seem beautiful. I haven’t seen us stuck up to another believer quite as often, although there is plenty of bashing on social media when things aren’t up to our standard. Can’t wait till the body of Christ “gets there”.


  6. I appreciate that you didn’t share your dream right away. I always pray over my dreams trying tot understand if they were given for a reason or if they are just a dream.

    I’ll be praying for your mom and your family.


    1. Thank you Christia! Prayers are always welcome. They are not insignificant. I never really ask for anything else! ❤️


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