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Unanswered Prayers


Confession: My husband and I are fighting a battle against the Credit Bureu over our score and our history.  It has been a loooooong battle against years of unemployment/underemployment and identity theft.  And it feels uphill and unfair.

And by looong it means we have been living with our friends since last July, a family of five with a family of four in a three bedroom condo with three dogs and a bunny.  We have been paying a credit repair company AND a credit report monitoring company to help us fight this battle.

While I’m extremely thankful for our friends’ hospitality, it’s not something I want to abuse of.  It’s also not comfortable. I’ve been ready to move out since October 2016.  But our credit scores were still pretty bad and not climbing as fast as we hoped.

Then last month we were finally only 15 points away from the magic number!  We were so optimistic.  Things were just bound to turn a corner soon, right?


For reasons I still don’t understand as I’m writing this we lost 46 points.  It felt like a punch to the stomach while the referee called a time-out.  It’s like doing the cha-cha with someone who is actively trying to step on your already sore toes.

If I’m completely honest, at some point I was in the shower, asking God, “What kind of animal sacrifice do I need to offer You for me to get a little bit of favor?!  What more do You want from me?!?” And these are common reactions to unanswered prayers… Why? When?? How??? With a dash of bargaining and trying to bribe Him.

But then I chose to anchor myself on truths against a bombardment of lies from the enemy in response to these questions.  I said these truths to myself like a creed, over and over until my heart caught up to my brain:


  1. God has surrounded me in a team of prayer warriors that are supporting me.  The friends that opened their home for us did so because they believed in the work that God will do in our families when we are able to stop renting and can afford a stable home.  For the same reason, they have asked us to stay: because they want to see the Lord bring this to completion as much as we do.  Our realtors are covering us in prayer.  Our church is covering us in prayer.  I am not alone.


  2. God is FOR me.  I can look up and expect His help!  He doesn’t just mildly like me, and He’s not indifferent to these trials.  Just because He hasn’t released it to me in my timing, does not mean that His answer is “No.”  His heart is generous towards me and is more than able to provide!  So for all this time that He has not said “Yes”, I have to believe it’s because what He has in mind is better than what I am seeing right now. I will continue to look up and expect His help.
  3. God is accomplishing something good in my heart through this trial.  It’s not a trial that will result in bitterness, or wedge distance between God and me.  This is a trial that has me fall onto the Rock of ages – and I will remember these times with fondness! I will recall how God held us, and sustained us, and did wonderful things in our family and all around us.  This may be a painful part of His plan, but it is still with the purpose of causing good in me and around me. So I will worship Him.

This faith-based perspective is by all means it’s not of this world.  It’s definitely not in my nature.  It is His Spirit working in me, comforting me, and giving me a hope I could not manufacture on my own through ‘positive thinking’.  So if you are going through a trial, the best I can encourage you to do is to dig deep into God’s Word and prayer.  He can lift your countenance better than any motivational phrase can!  If He has this strength available for me, He can do this in you too!

If you like the Bible verse images, go ahead and save them! They make great smart phone wallpapers, and I own the rights to the photos. 🙂

What is God revealing to you about your season of trials?  How can I align myself with God’s will for you in prayer? Share below.


I am a Christian homeschooling mom of three kids, a happy dog owner, a happily married wife, and a faith/family/fitness blogger... Who now teaches classes for homeschooled kids with

33 thoughts on “Unanswered Prayers

  1. I love hearing about the sense of Christian community you’re finding in this! That is so beautiful. I’ve experienced a similar response from our church family in a recent struggle. It’s such a huge part of BEING THE CHURCH, to gather around one another! Prayers for your family as you wait for this to be resolved!

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    1. Thanks Ivy! Yes I feel like I have a team of support and that’s why I’m not as discouraged as I would normally be. It’s helpful to be held up in faith when you feel like giving up.


  2. I have attended many churches in my life and until I found my current church, I never found a family. I am at home in my church, you can feel the love when you walk in the door, everyone is greeted with a “Good Morning” and there is so much conversation before service that we rarely start on time!

    That said, I do have my struggles questioning God. I recently found out that I needed tho have surgery on a knee that had already had two prior surgeries, one being a total replacement. I was angry, hurt, confused, etc. and asked God why. “How much more do I have to endure to be able to walk normally and without pain?”

    My prayer was answered on March 8 when I went into surgery for the 3rd time. Thank God everything went smoothly and I did not require another total replacement. Here it is almost a month later and I am walking, with assistance, but my leg is stronger than ever and I am working toward helping at youth camp this summer. God is good and faithful, we just have to understand that although he may say no to a prayer once, doesn’t mean that is the final answer.

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    1. I like that train of thought. Maybe it’s not God saying “No!” But He’s saying “not yet” or “not this way” or “not at this time”, and for whatever the reason, we just have to trust in His goodness and really believe the reason for His response right now – even if it seems like a “no” – it’s for our good and our benefit.


    2. Thank you so much for sharing your experience Rhonda! We all struggle with moments where we ask God “Whyyyyy?!”


  3. Gosh, I am really sorry to hear about your situation. It’s sad that today you have to PAY to protect your identity. Sounds like you have a great community of support. Even so, I know it’s tough. I will pray for your situation. It is so hard to wait. Blessings.

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    1. I know! He’ll carry me through this! Although by the end of it He may be dragging me through it while I throw a temper tantrum like a toddler at Walmart… but we’ll get through it nonetheless!


    1. Yup! So now I’m asking, “God, what do You want me to learn from this? What do You want to accomplish in me through this?”


  4. I love your last point! Often when I find myself in trials, somewhere along the way, I realize that although I don’t like the trial I am in I can admit God is doing a wonderful work in me. And when I come out the other end I am stronger and one step closer to being a woman that “perfectly” reflects Him.

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    1. Yes He is the Author and Perfecter of our faith. Reminding ourselves that He is still good keeps us from growing bitter!


  5. Oh, Maria! How frustrating when it seemed so close to just have slipped down a little lower. I’ve been praying for your score to rise and will continue to do so. Not only that but that your faith will continue to be held eternally and not in the present as you said. Only with the eternal perspective can we get through frustrations and difficulties. God is and has been writing a great story through your family’s life. And I’m thankful to be encouraged by how you lean on Him and encourage others to do the same.

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    1. Thank you so much Kristi! Every Bible lesson I’m reading is reminding me to trust God and not complain. I know He’s speaking to me and it’s louder than these circumstances. So I’m just learning to listen. If there’s a lesson here, I want to pass the test and move on! Not get stuck and have to repeat it over and over again.


  6. Thank you for sharing, I’m sure that must be extremely trying for you all but I think as a woman and a mother you have your own ideals right? But everything you said is so true and when you get your breakthrough, which you WILL you’ll have even more to rejoice and testify about and be able to encourage others with the encouragement that you received.

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    1. Thanks Florence! I WILL have the breakthrough provided I don’t give up, right? To God be the glory, great things He has done!


  7. Thank You for your honesty and for being authentic in your struggle. What a miserable situation, but God will use it to bring Him glory and He already is! Praying for peace and patience in the process!

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    1. Yes! And when we finally get the keys to our own home, and I share that, all of you will get to rejoice with me! He will be glorified.


  8. I am praying with you Maria, and I believe He has something wonderful for you in His perfect time.

    I have been doing this lately – creating lock screen images for my phone with my photos and favorite verses. I look at my phone so frequently during the day, and it really makes a difference to see the verse I need most today every time I do.

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    1. Yes! As often as I look at my phone due to notifications and stuff, it’s more effective to use a verse on my lock screen than to write a post it note and leave it anywhere! And thank you for praying with me. This month has been tough.

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