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Our family is just having a great time today. 

A friend of mine coordinated a nocturnal, overnight field trip to our very own Sea Life Center in Seward Alaska. 

Confession: I love taking pictures. There are so many memories I have of Venezuela; places I’ll never be able to show my husband or my kids. I wish I had a camera back then! So I go overboard with pictures now…

Even the drive is absolutely beautiful! I keep my nose glued to the glass the whole way there!

I drive this same road multiple times a year, and it always looks different. Seasons make a difference. 

We also love car trips to listen to Audiobooks. It’s so much fun to listen to a good story while you drive! Today, we played “The Spiderwick Chronicles” narrated by Mark Hammill. 

When that needed a break, the Celtic soundtrack to the Disney movie “Brave” did just fine!

Once in Seward, we arrived about four hours ahead of schedule, so we took our time walking around town. We tried to find some geocaches for Anakin’s camping badge. 

Oddly enough, at 26F and sunny it felt wonderful. Like, Lularoe leggings and a hoodie nice. There were also wild seals to observe on the bay, and a few bald eagles who had no problem with our intrusions. 

When we went in the Sea Life Center there was so much to see! Home to sea lions and Harbor seals, as well as plenty of local fish and an aviary. 

The experience is more than just watching the tanks. After dinner, we did two classes on marine biology that were fascinating! The kids (and I) learned so much!

Now we’re all in our sleeping bags between the seals and the birds. I don’t know that I will sleep… but I hope my kids do! 

You can see a few more pictures on Instagram, and there’s still so much on our schedule for this week that more blogs are to come, I’m sure!

Until then, I just want to thank my friend Cass and her husband for putting this together. It’s a super cool experience, maybe even more so for my husband and I – we never had experiences like this!

You know, sometimes you have deep theological thoughts, other times life throws you deep perspective. With RA, ADHD, and homeschooling I could have plenty to write about… And yet, sharing a nice experience is just fine too! Thankful to God for sunny days like these.


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14 thoughts on “Seward!

    1. Yes we slept inside the sealife center. Explored it after it closed to the public. I wrote this blog post on my phone while I was laying on the concrete, waiting for my kids to fall asleep. It was an amazing experience!


    1. I didn’t think I could. But now cold is under 20F. Anything over 20F just required a jacket. A coat if I’ll be outside for more than an hour. Even with RA, my body acclimated.


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